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Willow the Bush Kangaroo for Real!

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Some lovely news to report: our orphaned little joey has made it back into the wild! Her lovely carer, Fay, has reported that she bounded off through the paddocks to join her cousins about three weeks ago. Apparently they just hear “the call of the wild” and up sticks just like that. Although Fay is pleased that Willow has made it back to where she rightfully belongs she is missing her very much. I’m sure it would be quite a wrench looking after such a delightful creature for 6 months almost like a human baby. Such dedication. We’re glad we took the time to stop on the roadside that day, you see hundreds of dead roo’s along the road, Willows chances of survival were very slim at best. Fay finishes her note to us with the following “There are always new babies needing love, and we are always so happy to be able to give love to them. Thank you so much for saving our little girl, without your care, she had no hope.”

We hope to update the blog with some later pictures but we won’t have those until we get home.

Let’s hope she just steers clear of the roads in future…

Click here for the original post about Willow.

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2 Responses to “Willow the Bush Kangaroo for Real!”

  1. mum and dad says:

    That is simply wonderful and has brought a tear to my eye in happiness and the music made it more emotional( Where’s my hanky!). Well done you two. xxxxx

  2. CM Dad says:

    That is great news ,so pleased it turned out well. Good news at the end of your trip.Good timing!

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