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‘Twisting my melon man’ Australia style.

We’ve not posted many pictures lately so here are a few more. Over the last week or so we’ve been through several towns stopping here and there, we emerged near the coast at Lismore, where we visited the nearby small town of Nimbin. This really is the town that soap forgot.  It held a small hippy festival in 1973, kind of like Woodstock but four years too late. From then on it seems that many lost souls seeking an alternative lifestyle, and easy access to soft drugs, have dispensed with personal hygeine and set up camp in Nimbin. It’s kind of a rural Camden Lock but smaller, and without Suggs. There are many colourful characters sitting around the main street though. Washed out, barefoot and hairy (not just the men), and only too happy to offer passing tourists drugs via a wink of the eye or a sly whisper. It’s an interesting place to visit, or even stay if the bedraggled look is your thing. There’s also a lot of local art on sale, some of it looking pretty good.

Nimbin main street – faded physchedelia popular with gap year backpackers

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the place. It all just needs turning upside down and shaking about to unseat the dirt. The introduction of soap and some fresh paint might dilute the alternative lifestyle, but thats probably a price worth paying.

A place we stopped off at called Cranky Rocks, very ancient looking.

The most easterly point in Australia at Byron Bay

The outdoor camp kitchen at Lismore Caravan Park. This would break all sorts of health and safety regulations at home.

Our final port of call in New South Wales was Byron Bay (Named after Lord Byron’s grandfather who was a navigator). It’s the opposite of Nimbin; clean, sophisticated and quite expensive. Our budget dicated a couple of nights at the youth hostel (£50 a night) which even had its own swimming pool. It’s a beautiful beach town, popular with surfers and has a lovely expansive coastline. Strangely we met four people from the UK’s own slice of seaside heaven, Southend-on-Sea, here.

Here are just a couple pictures of Byron Bay:

Byron Bay beach, you can just spot some surfers in the foreground.

Byron Bay town beach

Byron Bay surfers

Byron Bay beachfront homes and lighthouse. Prime real estate no doubt!

Byron Bay is also known for having shark attacks. The local surf dudes don’t seem bothered though. A lot of the surfers were women, we both noticed how the town seems to have more than its fair share of the well honed body beautiful, which was nice. Locals ride bicycles with special surf board racks housing thier most treasured possesion, very cool.  It’s also party town too, which meant we were kept awake by noisy revellers, some of which were stood outside our room after midnight, until CM gave them a piece of her mind.

Candice Marie however seemed reluctant even to paddle in the water at Byron Bay, did somebody say shark?

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