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Some video…

Today we got to an internet cafe with a half reasonable connection speed (but only half). I took the opportunity to upload a couple of videos taken previously. In the first one below you can see CM tacking Scrubby Creek on Cape York. It’s not to deep, but is quite wide. Our campsite was on the other side so if you wanted to use a toilet or shower you had to get across it. It was good fun but demanded our plastic sheet across the bull bar as an extra anti flood device.

The next clip shows an intrepid driver at Palm Creek tyring to get up the other side.

This last one shows him succeeding on his 4th and final attempt, well done him!

I would post more of these if only we had more access to fast internet. Still, I hope they give a flavour of things in our recent past.

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One Response to “Some video…”

  1. Ant says:

    Slightly jealous! Don’t think my Vitara would have coped with that somehow!

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