This site is really just a record of events and experiences that come our way on an extended trip we are lucky enough to be able to undertake. Hopefully interesting things will happen along the way that are worthy of a mention, don’t expect anything too dramatic however. It’s more Eric Newby than Bear Grylls!

I don’t really like the name of this site, it’s just that I was devoid of imagination when quickly assembling it. I was thinking more about visas, memory cards, and how many pairs of socks to pack. In addition, most of the travel related site names you could think of have already been taken. The name doesn’t mean anything other than it’s another side of our lives, different to the usual one of putting the bins out and doing DIY jobs only when they really can’t be put off any longer.

The Nutsabroad, Keith and Candice Marie thing, stems from the wonderful 70’s Play for Today ‘Nuts in May’ by Mike Leigh. The early template for mother-earth environmentalist types and tree-huggers before the term was invented. It was also about the relationship of the couple concerned and how they coped with the outside world when it ruffled their feathers. Iconic but flawed characters that made the play totally compelling. I’m sure there is a wealth of information about it on the interweb.

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